Each month, the President’s Column provides monthly updates to the community regarding the University of Tennessee, and spotlights key issues and topics affecting the UT system.


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How We Spent Our Summer Break
We all remember going back to school and our teacher asking us to write an essay on how we spent our summer break?

August 2019




How We Spent Our Summer Break
August 2019

Working together to combat opioid addiction
August 2019

Summit for Opioid Addiction and Response – A Catalyst for Change
July 2019

Better Together
July 2019

Everywhere You Look, UT
June 2019

Progress report: My first six months
May 2019

Transparent UT Creates Opportunity for Feedback
April 2019

UT’s $9 billion impact
March 2019

Everywhere You Look, UT is Making a Difference
Feb. 2019