Vice President, Institute for Public Service

Herb Byrd is University of Tennessee vice president for public service. In this role, Byrd oversees the statewide UT Institute for Public Service. He assumed the post Jan. 1, 2016, after serving as interim vice president following the retirement of longtime administrator Mary Jinks in August 2014. Byrd previously was human resources officer and director of Extension Evaluation and Staff Development for UT’s statewide Institute of Agriculture.

Byrd has served UT in a variety of roles since joining the University in 1984, including as a Monroe County agent with UT Extension and as McMinn County director for UT Adult Agriculture and Resource Development. He joined UT Extension’s state office in 1998, where his responsibilities included recruitment, personnel and civil rights, and service as Extension’s affirmative action and EEO officer. He has served on the staff of the UT Leadership Institute since 1999.

Byrd has a bachelor’s degree in animal science, a master’s degree in reproductive physiology, and a doctoral degree in educational leadership all from UT Knoxville. He is co-author of a trademarked beef cattle record-keeping software system released through UT.

As a volunteer in the community, Byrd has earned recognition from chamber of commerce and local government organizations, and he has worked with medical mission teams on multiple trips to serve South and Central American countries.

Byrd and his wife, Resa, live in Blount County and have three daughters and five grandchildren.