Transparent UT Creates Opportunity for Feedback

Category: Column

As I have traveled across the state during the past nine weeks, a common theme I’ve heard from our stakeholders was the need for more information about how our system operates, as well as data on our outcomes.

In late November, we launched the “Transparent UT” initiative and formed a Transparency Advisory Group to take a look at how the university could provide easier access to information. This short-term group, which includes a cross section of representatives from UT campuses, institutes, legislators and even a member of the media, held their second meeting last week.

As part of this group’s work, we have established an online feedback mechanism designed to solicit ideas, suggestions and other input into the Transparent UT initiative. While a great deal has already been accomplished on our transparency site, this is the next logical step to helping ensure greater and easier access to information.

The website currently features:

  • Tuition information
  • Information about how the system is funded and how funds are spent
  • Various annual reports
  • Endowment investment information
  • Webcasting and archiving of all board of trustee committee meetings
  • Online access to materials for upcoming board of trustee meetings at least one week in advance
  • Special reports and economic impact information

And we are working to add additional information in the near future:

  • Comprehensive dashboard with information on enrollment, student demographics, degrees awarded, retention, graduation rates, post-graduation outcomes, student quality indicators, number of faculty, faculty workload, research activity, economic development, revenues and expenditures
  • Information regarding UT’s presence and impact in each county
  • Searchable employee salary database

I will continue to keep you updated as we make progress on this important initiative.

Randy Boyd