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Leveraging Enterprise Leadership on LinkedIn

Discover how you can use LinkedIn to create your professional identity. In this session, Mark Galvin, President and Founder of ePressence LLC in Atlanta offers advice on how to:

  • Control the first impression your LinkedIn presence creates,
  • Get noticed by more people by optimizing how your profile targets an intended audience rather than random hits and misses,
  • Be in control of building a network that that fits your aspirations, and
  • Get benefits from your online presence even if you are not considering a career change.

Partnering for Better Enrollment: An Innovative Low-Risk Success Model

This session showcases the partnership between Utah State University and StraighterLine Inc. to not only provide better access for marginally talented students but convert them into successful graduates. The performance outcomes from this partnership demonstrate an amazing transformation by the students and answers a nagging problem many institutions have struggled to overcome in serving this population.

Leadership Strategies to Address Attacks on Free Speech

This special program provides a conversation about institutional strategies for addressing external attacks on campus free speech. When free speech controversies happen, time is of the essence. As such, having a clear understanding of the issues can be essential in protecting campus faculty, students, and staff as well as your institutional reputation. In addition to the two principal presenters, hear from several former campus CEO’s add their unique perspectives to the topic.


  • Dr. Isaac Kamola, associate professor of political science at Trinity College (Hartford, CT)
  • Ms. Dannelle F. W. Whiteside, Esq., Vice President for Legal Affairs and Organizational Strategy, Austin Peay State University

It Does Exist: Using Data Mining To Make Career Decisions & Maximizing Return on College Investment

Discover from the ingenious folks at VantagePoint-Inc. their new applications for helping students and families make intelligent decisions about career planning and academic program choices. Using real-time data about job skills, the Vantage-Point mobile app and campus-based web tools help students map the skills they’ve already developed with the skills needed for their dream career and then forecasts the curriculum that closes the gap. And, there is more: The program helps them see their life-time earnings against tuition costs including any college loans they might incur (Return on Investment). An amazing integration with profound implications for higher education institutions wanting to be student-centric.


  • Dr. Lauren Collier, Vantage Point, Inc.
  • Mr. Travis Mantiply, Director of Product Development, Vantage Point, Inc

Understanding Technology Opportunities for Enterprise Leaders

Hear national leaders from Ellucian as well as two Tennessee Chief Information Officers describe the enterprise leadership opportunities and challenges for aligning people, processes, and technology to increase effectiveness and achieve excellence. This program introduces important topics for non-IT professionals who are responsible for leading technology transformations within their institution.

In addition to the video is a print version of the presentation including useful resources.

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  • Mr. Bob Cominsky, Vice President, Managed Services, Ellucian
  • Dr. Tim Coley, Senior Consultant, Strategy and Planning, Ellucian
  • Dr. Jennifer Latino, Senior Consultant, Strategy and Planning, Ellucian
  • Ms. Amy Belew, Chief Information Officer, University of Tennessee at Martin. Executive Leadership Institute 2020 Class
  • Ms. Angela Gibson, Chief Information Officer, University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture. Executive Leadership Institute 2020 Class

Innovation Never Rests: Using large Scale Data To Assess Skills Taught to Match Skills Sought

This program explores innovative strategies to link employers, educators, and our students and alumni by using analytical tools that break down massive amounts of data that connect skills and experiences sought with those taught. The implications are far ranging for program and curriculum design, career development strategies, and resume construction for successful career matching by students and alumni. Our presenters were from Emsi, a labor market data company providing new models for economic and community development. The program was originally recorded February 9, 2021.

Saying ‘Goodbye’ to 2020

Experience with the 2020 Executive Leadership Institute Class and the 2020 Tennessee Higher Education Innovation and Leadership Fellows class their salute to the end of 2020. Aided by two facilitators, participants spoke eloquently about the lessons they take away from these “unprecedented times” and their resolve to build a better future. This special presentation was recorded December 16, 2020.


  • Dr. Lori Bruce, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Tennessee Technological University
  • Mr. David Mills, Director, Health Sciences Government Relations and Advocacy, University of Tennessee System Administration

Nimble Adaptability In The New Normal World of COVID-19

Learn from two presenters whose leadership adaptability helped their organizations move forward successfully during this pandemic. You will hear from a COVID-19 survivor about her personal experience when the entire executive team at her university came down with COVID-19. How did they sustain order and resilience within their institution? What were the personal challenges? What advice can we take for leading under such circumstances? You will also discover how a large complex corporation pivoted to work-from-home and the amazing ways they actually increased employee engagement. It is a success story made from of dozens of actions and strategic communications you can use to effectively turned a crisis into success. This special presentation was recorded December 11, 2020.


  • Dr. Deborah Crawford, Vice Chancellor for Research, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • Mr. Scott Wilson, Vice President of Corporate Communications and Community Relations, BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee

Agile Leadership In A Pandemic World

Discover ideas for responding to the challenges of living in a COVID-19 world. Hear ideas you can implement and how to connect with others in Tennessee in similar circumstances. You will hear examples from a COVID-19 survivor for balancing workload while in quarantine and how to help colleagues and co-workers face the mental stress of the illness. Learn how Tennessee higher education is responding to the challenges of sustaining our institutions, including examples of addressing enrollment, recruitment and retention and explore successful ways to tackle student health, safety, and manage behavior. This special presentation was recorded December 1, 2020.


  • Dr. Bruce LaMattina, Associate Vice Chancellor, Strategic Research Initiatives, Office of Research and Engagement, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • Dr. David Butler, Vice Provost for Research & Dean, College of Graduate Studies, Middle Tennessee State University
  • Dr. Frank Cuevas, Vice Chancellor for Student Life, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • Dr. Steven Gentile, Chief Policy Officer at the Tennessee Higher Education Commission

4DX Revisited

The 4 Disciplines of Execution (4DX) is a formula for executing important strategic priorities during chaos. By following the 4 Disciplines – focusing on the wildly important, acting on lead measures, keeping a compelling scoreboard, and creating a cadence of accountability – leaders can produce breakthrough results. 4DX is not theory. It is a proven set of practices that have been utilized by hundreds of organizations and thousands of teams over many years. This webinar features experts who are implementing 4DX institution-wide, specific to a department, or across strategic planning, and more. This special presentation was recorded October 28, 2020.


  • Bo Drake, vice president for economic and workforce development, Chattanooga State Community College
  • Michael Carter, assistant vice president of advancement services, the University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • Kelli Chaney, president, Tennessee College of Applied Technology – Knoxville
  • Michael Hoff, chief planning officer, East Tennessee State University