The structure for the Executive Leadership Institute consists of seven elements:


Individual Development Plan

An Individual Development Plan (IDP) provides an individualized focus to effectively meet personal goals.


An Academy provides the knowledge and skills essential to the University’s (and higher education’s) leadership needs. The Academy’s foundation is a body of leadership theory and evidenced-based practices expressly focused on the executive level. The program of study is delivered through six formal seminars onsite in person as well as through other delivery methods.


Mentoring provides expertise and experience of more senior people to provide knowledge and advice that helps career advancement and build networks.

Experiential learning

Experiential Learning opportunities expand your hands-on experiences. Experience-based learning is one of the most rewarding and meaningful activities provided in this program.

Leaders Library of specially curated theoretical, expository, and instructive materials that not only serve development during the program but for years to come. These resources help with an understanding of major strategic issues facing higher education and ideas for improving leadership skills and mindsets.

Coaching/Consulting and Assessments to provide individualized and confidential professional development feedback and guidance. The program provides services of multiple internationally credentialed professionals experienced in working with higher education executives. Coaching and consulting helps an aspiring executive gain valuable feedback about their current leadership as well as their progress on developing new leadership skills and mindsets.

Online Asynchronous and Synchronous Interactives are included in the Executive Leadership Institute. Participants will have access to an on-demand robust asynchronous online learning course to support all aspects of the program. In addition, there are supplemental Zoom sessions to allow access to speakers and presentations from across the nation. Zoom sessions also allow participants to create their contributions to the program.