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Overcoming Obstacles Volume 2

Overcoming Obstacles to Progress
Vol. 2

Published May 2022

The articles in this collection continue the contribution from participants in the Executive Leadership Institute to advance knowledge and solutions to pragmatic problems facing higher education. Known by us as “wicked problems,” these twenty-three short articles offer thoughtful ideas to help improve leadership across an eclectic range of topics facing higher education administration.


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Engage and Persuade PDF

Engage and Persuade
An Approach to Academic Leadership

Howard Cohen
Copyright 2021

This book is written primarily for those who are assuming new leadership positions in colleges and universities: presidents, provosts, deans, department heads. It may also be of interest to those who currently occupy those positions and feel the need to try new approaches to improve their effectiveness.


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Overcoming Obstacles to Progress
Vol. 1: Inaugural Edition

Published July 2020

The articles in this collection endeavor to identify and respond to wicked problems. Not all of the topics are specifically wicked, but they are obstacles to progress for enterprise leaders and any effort to overcome them would improve the organization.


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Learning from Leaders EBook PDF

Learning from Leaders:
Advice from Presidents, Provosts, and Deans

Copyright 2019

James C. Votruba
Carole A. Beere
Gail W. Wells

There is an abundance of higher education leadership literature that offers significant insight into the challenges that colleges and university leaders confront. This brief volume focuses on the voices of those currently in leadership positions. The authors surveyed university deans, provosts, and presidents, asking them: “What is the best advice you received, or wish you had received, about how to be a successful (president, provost, or dean)?” This monograph captures their advice in their own words.


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