Nearly 40% of senior leaders across the UT System are eligible to retire in the next five years. To proactively prepare for this potential disruption, UT President Emeritus Joe DiPietro announced the University would begin the development of a succession plan. This plan involved the creation of a comprehensive leadership development institute to prepare internal candidates for succession to senior leadership roles within the University.

Executive Leadership Institute

The Executive Leadership Institute (ELI) offers an important and essential element in the proposed succession framework—preparation of candidates to assume executive roles. Leadership, especially at the senior level, is unique and intense. The demands on top-level administrators require different skills and mindsets than lower-level leadership positions. Leadership capabilities at this level can and should be developed, not left to chance.

Executive Leadership Institute program design

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The Mission

To be a successful executive in today’s higher education organization you have to become a different kind of leader within the institution. You have to understand the unique role of leading the enterprise through inspiring vision, engaging stakeholders, creating collaborative actions, and achieving positive outcomes for the institution. The University’s first “school” for leaders, featuring applied research and peer-driven learning through lively exchanges, influential policy makers, campus opinion leaders, as well as foremost scholarly thought on leadership, will help prepare the next generation of University leaders.

How to Apply:

Candidates are solicited in the spring of each year through nominations from their supervisors to their campus or institute’s senior leader.

For more information about the Executive Leadership Institute, please contact Robert M. Smith: