The University of Tennessee Executive Leadership Institute develops exceptional executive leaders for the needs of the University of Tennessee System.  The Institute targets leadership requirements for those already holding executive positions or who show high potential for succession to an executive position (referred to as the “enterprise” level by the Institute).



The Institute considers enterprise leadership to be a distinctive type of leadership requiring a modern new paradigm to address the demands on top level administrators.  Consequently, participants will be introduced to a body of leadership theory and evidenced-based practices expressly focused on the executive level.  The program employs an unparalleled range of tools and experiences for professional growth. A strong emphasis is given to personalized development based on assessments and individualized executive coaching.


Executive Leadership Institute



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How to Become a Participant

The Executive Leadership Institute (ELI) operates on a cohort basis.  Candidates must be nominated to apply.  Nominations are made by the University President, a campus Chancellor, an institute’s Vice President, the UT Foundation’s President or a System Vice President.  From applications, between fifteen and twenty candidates are selected to participate.

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For more information about ELI and participant expectations and requirements, please contact Robert M. Smith: